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My Story with Samuel Beckett at Portobello" to open in Forte dei Marmi PDF Stampa E-mail


Comunicato stampa   


  "My Story with Samuel Beckett at Portobello"

   to open in Forte dei Marmi

Milan, 27 January 2011 – Having been exhibited in the cloister of the historical Piccolo Teatro in Milan, a London art gallery, and at the Affordable Art Fair, Margherita Lazzati’s collection of photographs, “My Story with Samuel Beckett at Portobello” is now to go to Forte dei Marmi, where it will be on show from 2 April to 5 June, 2011. This time the exhibition will be mounted in the historical eighteenth-century “Fortino”, the symbol of the famous Versilian town.











  The poster of the exhibition.

This new exhibition, sponsored by the Region of Tuscany, the Province of Lucca, and the municipality of Forte dei Marmi, and promoted by the cultural organisation Il Magazzino del Forte, constitutes an important recognition for Margherita Lazzati. The Fortino, in addition to being the home, since 1997, of the Museum of Satire and Caricature, also has a large exhibition space where it stages, alternately, exhibitions of modern and contemporary art.

 One of the images that will be exhibited
 at the Fortino in Forte dei Marmi.

Thirty colour photographs, printed in a large format and mounted on aluminium, trace the story of Margherita Lazzati’s encounters with Samuel Beckett, whom she came across in London, depicted on an Alex Martinez mural at Portobello. Visitors to the exhibition, in the atmospheric setting of the eighteenth-century  Fortino, will be able to enjoy a series of images that bear witness to four years of photographic encounters.




 “One of the last times I met him, I recall noticing a sort of graphic bruise on one eye:
 it seemed to signal the definitive decline of his gaze.”


It is a story that, in that period of time, became a sort of life and death experience, as described by Margherita Lazzati: “Captivated by the intense gaze depicted on Alex Martinez’s mural, it was inevitable that, as time went by, I would identify myself with his ‘Godot’: he was there, on that wall, and I, each time I went to London, felt that he was waiting for me. It was a meeting of gazes, without words. Or rather, the words were, in a way, the clicks of my camera. Each time I came, I found him slightly altered, corroded almost, and it was as though it was being destroyed not by the inevitable effects of the weather, but rather by the indifference of city life, busy and frantic. Until, in the end, he was defaced by other street writers. One of the last times I met him, I recall noticing a sort of graphic bruise on one eye: it seemed to signal the definitive decline of his gaze.”

video intervista a M. Lazzati

 Margherita Lazzati
 Photo by Attilio Rossetti.

"My story with Samuel Becket at Portobello", is also the title of the bilingual book, edited by ready-made, the publisher that hosted the first exhibition of photographs in its own offices in Milan. It contains thirty colour images, to which various others have also contributed: Anna Ferrante (who also wrote the captions for the photographs in the form of Haiku poems), Gabriele Miccichè, Alessandro Mininno, Maurizio Panti, Mario Perazzi, and Simone Baudo. The book is distributed in bookshops by PECORINI Srl – Editori e Librai (www.pecorini.com).

 Margherita Lazzati
 Photo by Simone Baudo.

Self-taught photographer Margherita Lazzati (b. 1953, Milan) has  developed an eye in capturing a certain nostalgia. Her passion for  photography and travelling has brought her to many places where she  captures the feeling and atmosphere of what she sees. Margherita lives  and works in Milan, Italy.



 The Fortino in piazza Garibaldi,
 Forte dei Marmi, which is to host the exhibition “
 My Story with Samuel Beckett in Portobello”
 by Margherita Lazzati.



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Recensione di Massimo Marsili pubblicata su Living Tuscany – settembre 2010)


Sponsor dell'inaugurazione:

Grand Hotel Imperiale - Forte dei Marmi


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